Monday, July 28, 2014

Manhattan Sunset

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

All About Renting

Hi everyone! I'm Bruce Dachis, president of Asset Accumulation Corporation, a commercial real estate developer. (And I'm Adam Dachis' dad.) Over the course of my 25-year career in real estate, I've owned and managed hundreds of rental units—everything from retail stores and banks to family homes and condos. I was here a few months ago answering all of your questions about apartment hunting, moving procedures, tenant rights, and more. Today I'm back for round two! Ask away.

All About the Investment Process

Hey everyone, I'm Jon Stein. After seeing product after product that made the investing process more complicated than it ought to be, I set out to create a broadly accessible investment company to help investors achieve their biggest goals. Passionate about helping people make smart decisions with their money, I founded Betterment in 2008.

This Is the Story Behind Buffer

I enjoy sharing things on Twitter and Facebook, but I'm totally inconsistent. One day I'll tweet a few times, then nothing for three days, then a mad burst of sharing and retweeting. If you're like me, Buffer is your new favorite app. It schedules your tweets and Facebook posts for you, creating a consistent social media presence. (It also supports and LinkedIn, and is available on iOS and Android.) We talked to Buffer's co-founder Joel Gascoigne about the inspiration for the app, his biggest challenges, and what it feels like to celebrate 1 million users.

This Is the Story Behind Sparrow

We love Sparrow. With its clean interface and seamless integration with Gmail, it's our favorite email client for both Mac and iPhone. The Sparrow team (who was recently acquired by Google) managed to build something that's incredibly useful and a pleasure to interact with. How did they do it, and what were the challenges along the way? We caught up with Sparrow's co-founder and CTO Hoa V. Dinh to find out.

This Is the Story Behind

There are tons of to-do list managers out there, but is one of the best. It's easy to use, nice to look at, and quickly syncs to-dos across all of your devices. It also offers features like sharing, reminders, and folders. Beyond that, has a bunch of really cool extras, like turning your emails into tasks, sending quick text messages, and reminding you to return missed calls. We caught up with Omer Perchik,'s founder and CEO, to find out the story behind one of our favorite apps.

This Is the Story Behind Drafts

After launching in 2012, Drafts quickly became one of our favorite note taking apps. The brainchild of developer Greg Pierce, Drafts allows you to jot down ideas and either save them for later, or export them to your calendar, email, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, or Simplenote, among many others. You can also use Drafts to search any website's archive, and pair it with IFTTT to do a bunch of cool stuff (like automatically email notes to you). We caught up with Greg to find out how Drafts came to be, and to get his advice for aspiring developers.